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There are many ways to qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness through the Department of Educations’ programs. Students that didn’t receive a fair chance at an education like the students of Argosy University, may qualify for a full discharge of all student loans procured for their education prior to the school closing.

Argosy University Bankruptcy Leads To School Closing

Get Pre Qualified For Student Loan Forgiveness NOW.

Don’t let the for profit college degree mills win. Apply for your student loan forgiveness today.

The Department of Education is approving Borrower’s Defense to Repayment applications for all qualified Argosy students. If for some reason you do not qualify, there are other programs available to relieve you of your student debt issues.

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argosy university closing

Argosy University is sued by students of their Dallas campus for being lied to about accreditation for their psychology program.


As part of a federal investigation undercover applicants experience the deceptive practices of Argosy University recruiters.


The owners of Argosy University are ordred to pay back $3.3 million dollars to students involved in the lawsuits for illegal recruiting practices.


Argosy’s parent company, Education Management Corp., was forced to forgive $100 million dollars in student loans for fraudulent behaviors


Argosy University Seattle campus halts enrolling new students.


All Argosy Campuses officially close on March 8th as the Department of Education declares the termination of federal funding.